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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Fiji's Honorary Consul in Surabaya


Ang Tjoen Ming (born 26 March 1952), commonly known as Tahir, is an Indonesian Billionaire, a Banking and Property Magnate and a Philanthropist. He is the founder of the Mayapada Group.

The Tahir Foundation is a privately – funded organisation founded by Dr. Tahir, to help alleviate hardship for the poor and the disadvantaged.

Mr. Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, MBA was inaugurated as the Honorary Consul of Fiji in Surabaya on 25 November, 2016 by the Honorable Josaia V. Bainimarama, Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Inauguration Ceremony was later convened in Jakarta by the Minister for Defence & National Security - Honorable Ratu Inoke Kubuabola on 16 March, 2017.

On 06 April, Dr. Tahir donated USD 10, 000 to the FENC Fiji Organisation, an NGO that works towards alleviating hardship and poverty for children in Fiji


Ministerial Meeting

The Minister for Fisheries and Forests, Hon Osea Naiqamu attended a Ministerial Meeting on Traceability of Fish and Fisheries Products hosted by Indonesian Minister for Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Madam Susi Pudjiastuti on 27 and 28 July in Jakarta. Hon Naiqamu was accompanied by his Permanent Secretary Mr Samuela Lagataki and Director for Fisheries Mr George Madden. Hon Naiqamu also took part as a panelist in a discussion with the media organised by the Economist. He paid a courtesy call on his Indonesian counterpart prior to the meeting and also took time to visit a few SMEs based on processed fish and seaweed organised by the MMAF afterwards. A briefing and lunch was also organised at the Embassy for the Hon Naiqamu and his Permanent Secretary Mr Lagataki.

Third Session of Preparatory Committee for Habitat III 

From 25 – 27/7, Counsello accompanied Hon. Assistant Minister Lorna Eden to attend the Prep Comm Meeting in Surabaya. The UN had organised three Preparatory Committee Meetings in preparation for Habitat III Conference that will be held in Quito, Ecuador in October, 2016. The PrepCom3 forum was the last opportunity for governments, UN system and other stakeholders to share their perspectives on the current and emerging urban development issues and solutions that should be offered in the New Urban Agenda. For Fiji, accessible, resilient, quality and affordable housing is a going concern especially during the rebuilding phase of TC Winston. 

Joint Technical Working Group - Fiji

First Secretary, with the approval of the Permanent Secretary visited Suva to provide the necessary support and facilitation to the Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection of Indonesia and her staff together with those from the Social Affairs Ministry and the INP for their respective JTWGs held during the week of the 18/7. For the three agencies the JTWGs  are their second in the course of the implementation of the MOUs. Projects under the auspices of their Fijian counterparts were visited together with a combined call into QVS where 100 Indonesian Military engineers are reconstructing assigned parts of the boarding school under the PM’s Adopt-a-School Program.

Tourism and Fisheries 

Ambassador and Second Secretary held discussions with the International Relations Division of the Ministries of Tourism and Fisheries in relation to their respective MOUs. The former needs extension after the original one lapsed in 2014 whilst the latter needs the agreement of the parties to hold their first JTWG since the document was signed in 2014. Discussions with the latter also focussed on the visit to Jakarta by the Minister for Fisheries and Forests Hon Osea Naiqamu, his Permanent Secretary and Director for Fisheries, Mr Geroge Madden for a regional meeting on Wednesday 27-28/7.

Discussion subsequently took place on 26/7 with the International Cooperation team of the MMAF and the Fiji delegation. The TOR for the fist JTWG was finalised at the meeting and the end of August agreed as the possible timing for the JTWG to be held in Suva. A briefing on the Techno Park concept by the Indonesian Government organised by the MMAF was also given the Fiji delegation.


Representatives of Peruri, a State Owned Enterprise that mints coins and produces Indonesian passports, stamps plus other items for Government, called in on 20/7 to explore opportunities in Fiji. This followed the Embassy’s enquiry whether Peruri would be interested in making a bid for the Fiji’s Government Printery which apparently after enquiring with the Ministty of Economy has already had an interested buyer. Assistance was later given to Peruri for direct contacts with the DoI for example to whom a tender could be submitted for passport production.

Seaweed Training (Suva)

On 12/7, there was a closing ceremony of a successful Seaweed Training program that was made possible with the kind assistance of our bilateral partner, the Republic of Indonesia. The ceremony was officiated by the Permanent Secretary Fisheries and Forests as well as Minister Counsellor Purniawan.

Invited guests were also treated to a products display, with participants showcasing products made as part of the training program and surprisingly, all products (with their very own "Totoka" brand ) were bought
with some even placing their orders for later purchase.