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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Rugby is the most popular sport in Fiji (especially of the sevens variety), however rugby league and association football are also widely played.

Sports culture is unique as different racial mixes and cultures come together in a common interest. Fiji is fanatical about sports and the most dominant sports being rugby union, association football and Rugby League.

Soccer was a minor sport but over the last decade with further international funding from FIFA and sound local management of the sport has grown in popularity amongst the Indian community initially but now also the Fijian community.

Many sports exist in Fiji, and in many ways has its own cultural following. There are sports such as golf, which has been made famous by Fiji athlete Vijay Singh.Cricket and surfing which was brought to prominence by former world champion and Fiji Athlete Tony Philps. Sailing in varying forms, various adventure sports, athletics, various Asian martial arts, and boxing. Whilst a handful of players of Fijian heritage currently play in the Australian Football League to date there is still no AFL competition in the country.