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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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About the Mission

The Fiji Mission in Jakarta was officially opened by the Prime Minister of Fiji, Cmdr. Frank Bainimarama on April 6, 2011. This is in pursuit of Fiji’s Look North Policy and her desire to engaging with non-traditional friends and broaden Fiji’s comparative advantege in the process.

Indonesia, the fourth largest democracy in the world is a member of the G20, a leader in S outheast Asia and a founding member of ASEAN. Her political stability, robust economic growth and desire to engage with neighbours through her Look East policy makes her an appropriate launching pad for effective bilateral as well as multilateral cooperation.


A vibrant and enduring relationship between the Governments and peoples of the countries of accreditation ( Indonesia, Singapore and ASEAN) and Fiji.


To establish new, and nurture existing relationships as the case may be to fulfill our Vision.


  1. Government to Government Relations
    Consolidating relations at the Government (political and policy) levels will be necessary especially (Ministry/Agencies/Other Institutions) for a new Mission like Fiji’s in Indonesia.
    The existence of a Development Cooperation Agreement (DCA) between Fiji and Indonesia, signed by the Foreign Ministers of RI and RF (H.E Dr. Marty Nataleqawa and H.E Ratu Inoke Kubuabolarespectively, on May 27,2011in Bali, in the first instant paves the way for consolidating relations at the Governmentlevel.
    Memorandum of understanding to guide institutional relations under the DCA is a main preoccupation of the Embassy for the realisation of the many aspects of cooperation in the spirit and letter of the DCA.

  2. Economic relations
    Private sector arrangements have been on-going between the two countries for a number of years in fields of trade, investment and to some extent tourism. Trade volume thus far totals approximately $35m and is in Indonesia’s favour.
    The signing of MOUs in these sectors can further enhance such intercourses for mutual benefits, e.g, through investment treaties an doubletaxations agreements, etc. These will all be persued.
    The establishment of an Indonesia-Fiji Business Council eventually can furthaer boost relations in this important area.

  3. People-to-people relations
    In addition to intiatives by the Indonesian Government through its cultural programs the establishment of an ‘Indonesia-Fiji Friendship Association’ can provide a useful catalyst; this the Mission is pursuing.

  4. Consular Affairs
    The timely processing of visas and other permits for those interested in visiting Fiji is crucial to enhancing the various aspects of our bilateral as well as multilateral relations.
    A close working relations with Immigration Fiji been developed and vital in this regard.
    Ensuring the safety of Fiji’s nationals residing in Indonesia and Singapore is also of great importance to the Mission.

Regional/Multilateral Cooperation

  1. ASEAN
    Fiji’s affiliation to the group is being pursued at two levels:
    a)    Ambasssadorial accreditation; and
    b)    Fiji’s Observer statuts.
    Both are being processed and positive outcomes are expected soon.
  2. Non Aligned Movement (NAM)
    Fiji officially joined the NAM in May 2011. A NAM Center for South-South Cooperation in capacity building is situated and administered by the MFA/RI. The Mission is hopeful that Fiji will reap the benefits of her joining NAM, among others, through the Center.

Concluding remarks

The above is a snapshot of the Mission’s reason for being. We hope that it has been helpful as a quick guide on the hopes and aspirations of the Mission for Fiji vis-a-vis the potential and promise that Indonesia and Southeast Asia largely hold for Fiji.