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Monday, December 04, 2023
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Welcome to the Official Website of the Fiji Embassy to Jakarta, Indonesia

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Embassy's Fiji website. As with other sites of the same nature we hope you will be well served in terms of the information you hope to get on Fiji in general as well as the work we do as a diplomatic mission in Jakarta for those interested.


Very briefly for now, we established our mission in Jakarta officially on 6 April, an agreement in 2011 after the government of the Republic of Indonesia. This is to ensure that not only Fiji's interest in Indonesia and the East Asia region in general will be better served but friendly and welcoming the relationship we've had since we established diplomatic relations in 1974 strengthened and developed to our benefit as well. Indonesia also has a mission in Suva, the capital of Fiji, since 2002.


On December 29, Head of Mission, 2011 Ambassador Seremaia T. Cavuilati has been accredited as Fiji's High Commissioner to Singapore making Fiji a mission in Jakarta therefore also responsible for Fiji-Singapore relations, a responsibility that is managed by Fiji's mission in Canberra, Australia.


We strive to fulfill our responsibility as a mission as best as we can for the governments of Indonesia and Singapore in particular and very importantly for their communities.


"It is hoped that you will fully use this facility for your own benefit and that your loved ones and friends and do spread the word of Fiji are present in Jakarta through the embassy he is there to help you in a "Fiji friendly way".


Enjoy browsing with our best wishes for you continued good health and prosperity.


Vinaka vakalevu and thank you very much .


Fiji Ambassador & Mission Staff.